Videos featuring student nature related artwork

New site for downloading

I have discovered a wonderful host for the videos which allows downloading although not previewing (as available here). I wish I had known about it earlier, but at least the films are now at ┬áDon’t be concerned about the pay part of the title, as I have made them first 3 free. Let me know if there are any problems.

Of course you can view the videos here first, if you scroll down. Also you can read more about the background in the first blog post (below the videos).

Free Videos HERE
Regards, Leslie Wagle


Metamorphosis Animation

This sequence focuses on the changes within amphibians and insects from generation to generation. Art includes the swimming frogs, various stages of tadpoles, and surface frogs as well the pond vegetation overlay. Then in the middle transition, the red flowers were student art also. Finally the caterpillars, cocoon, and various adults in the red flowers and the solo egg-laying and emerging butterflies were student art.

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Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Ocean Life Video

Although we might not live near the ocean, many of us have visited it, and it affects all life on earth. Images by students include flying and wading shore birds; starfish (think about sand dollars, other shells, or crabs); jellyfish (or sea horses); and finally big swimmers like whales in this case, but they could be sharks, octopi or squid. Some types like turtles could move about in shallow or deep water. The still backgrounds of the island in the ocean and the cliffs were also student art.

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Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Past and Present Video

This represents how the earth is in the universe, and on its surface we see life in the water, then on land (I picked a forest late enough to have some line style birds), then later flowers and butterflies. Your group could work on the earth and optional extra stars, as well as fish, the trees and flowers, and the butterfly (or a small mammal) in a mural or as individual subjects.

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Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Some basic background

I did all the animation; but the figures (and a few background images) were produced by elementary students, still in that realm of learning and wonder. So the “characters” are not meant to be specific scientifically correct species, just a display of their work created in classroom projects such as on posters (in other words, originally hand drawn and not digital art).

My basic idea is that kids love to draw and also be out in nature. However, they gradually drift away from both as they mature. I wanted to find a use for my interest in photography, music composition, and recollection of my own childhood to foster a move back to reinforcing that connection most of us remember (and children still demonstrate), of fascination with the world around us. You may have read “Last Child in the Woods” or seen other references to that challenge.

These can be shown before an art project, especially if connected to a nature study project, to inspire students with what others have drawn. It can be adapted to other types of creatures, and I hope to produce more. Future posts will give the links to download them.